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Timelio co-founders Charlotte and Andrew Petris have created a peer-to-peer platform for invoice funding. Large superannuation funds are preparing to enter the invoice financing market via the fintech start-up Timelio, which has created a peer-to-peer platform to provide capital to small companies seeking to expand. Timelio employs six full-time staff but is looking to expand to 50 to meet increasing demand from investors and borrowers. Charlotte Petris, who founded Timelio in with her husband Andrew after the couple moved to Australia from Singapore, says invoice financing has historically been stigmatised and many businesses say the quality of service from existing players is poor. After the global financial crisis, the big banks withdrew from the market.

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This will obviously vary with the complexity of the specification, but a minimum of two weeks is recommended You will have fixed a time for receipt of tenders.

Agree what the ificant dates will be and who will be involved at each stage. Preparation Based on the above thresholds use appropriate procedure Plan the process. Informing Bidders - When the evaluation of the offers received has been completed and an award decision has been made, an award letter see Award letter template for Formal ITQs and template for Standard, use where appropriate should be ed to the selected supplier and "with regret" letters sent to the unsuccessful bidders.

Timelio to link super funds with smes seeking invoice financing

Ensure that the required amount of suppliers are given an opportunity to bid. The following information is deed to give an overview of the Buying Procedures.

Procurement at this level requires a procurement plan and must be conducted in accordance with the University Procurement Strategy. Properly explore the market. Evaluate quotations and record all quotations received on a Bid Summary form Award the contract to selected supplier and inform the other suppliers that they have been unsuccessful. The Procurement Thresholds and Timescales can be found here The definitions of "quotations" and "tenders" vary from institution to institution. Allow adequate time to evaluate responses.

Invest today. change tomorrow.

Allow sufficient time and resource to manage the process. Some complex tender exercises can take several weeks of work to complete and it is not possible to cut corners.

It is recommended that departments maintain a register of all quotation exercises. One written quotation: Can be in format of headed paper or from the supplier or a screenshot taken from a web or on-line catalogue. Evaluate and score quotations and record all quotations received on a Bid Summary form.

Create a requisition on the Finance system and complete Message Field advising relevant quotes obtained. The interpretation used for the purposes of this guide is that "quotation" is the relatively straightforward exercise of seeking price and delivery details for goods or services which are easily specified.

If valid questions are received from one firm before the deadline, it is important to ensure all suppliers have the same information. This could be sent to all suppliers as a Question and Answer sheet.

Allow adequate time for the suppliers to respond properly. See Formal ITQ regret letter template.

The Procurement Thresholds and Timescales can be found here. This includes the preparation before the process is started, what the thresholds are, and how to handle receipt of quotations, along with all other relevant information.

The definitions of "quotations" and "tenders" vary from institution to institution. If the total value including whole-life costings, such as post warranty maintenance etc. Treat all potential suppliers equally.

Please contact Procurement on procurement abdn. These generally involve a full tender exercise which must be advertised on the Public Contracts Scotland portal and award of the contract published on the portal too.

Buying procedures

Any late tenders should not be accepted. For more detailed information please contact Procurement on procurement abdn.

A "tender" is the more formal and detailed exercise of obtaining sealed bids for goods or services where the value is high, or the specification is detailed or complex, or where special terms and conditions apply. Establish a means of recording the process from start to finish. This will obviously vary with the complexity of the specification, but a minimum of one week is recommended.