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I liked dating male that wants Need some Melrose me too

And with them both, I suppose, the lifetime of abuse and complicity that led to his self-destructive appetites and his own failings as a husband and father. In a final act of maternal betrayal before the coffin lid closes, Eleanor Melrose disinherited her son, bequeathing the sprawling chateau in the South of France to a contingent of Irish spiritualists. All this, for a woman who knew — who must have known — about the persistent abuse of her son.

Need Some Melrose Me Too

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Of course fans made fun of him and that's why I knew about him! If they could have restricted him, should they have? He has also become slightly defensive with some journalists and he was treated very unfairly by some of them in the UK during a period so it's understandable.

Quick Quote. Just 1 example. Reply Patrick Melrose - filming the drug scenes. He wasn't a fan but an autograph collector.

They had been in and out of mental institutions, was known to the police for harassing citizens and even this man's psychiatrist had appealed to the paper NOT to play into this person's delusions which seeing them in the paper legitimized it for him. When Russ' sister was hospitalized Ben insisted that I leave to go b w him. But I stayed coz we committed ourselves to b there for him and we weren't going to break our promise for anything. The Forum. Someone remember her? And then there is that Anita woman from The Telegraph! Has anyone ever shared an authentic story of him being a dick to anyone?

So his freedom to express himself should have bee rightfully curtailed IMO. There have to be limitations as far a I am concerned. Posts: 10, And why the "drugs" lady would know what he allegedly done to her?

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Let him give credence to Qanon and you have a platform that can potentially destroy a country and throw it into civil war. I remember this guy who was very angry at him at the very early Sherlock days because he didn't his autograph.

I especially liked the exchanges between the original poster and the other person advising on the set! There have been very random comments but mostly by people with "extreme" personalities.

He was so appreciative. Social media blogs are the new form of "yellow journalism - except it holds virtually NO ONE responsible. She went to that flowers event with BC and his mother and she suddenly got very angry at him and didn't fear to tell to the world how much she hated him and how awful he was!

John, you would fucking LOVE him. Posts: 1, Reading those thre, here is a nice series of comments: He's very kind and genuinely concerned about others.


He didn't ask in the best possible way. And speaking of chaff Sad to see another purveyor of garbage posts. Their perceived slights and wacky ideas are real to them. Honest question. But it is complicated and always up for discussion. One crazed individual shouting on a street corner doesn't have much of an impact on my life and can't do much harm to vast amounts of people. He wasn't a fan but an autograph collector and according to actual fans who where there during the "incident". Internet blogs?

MagdaFR Administrator. I highly recommend it. Interesting stuff! Dan felt that this person shouldn't have been given a platform to spew his "theories". Patrick Melrose.

Benedict cumberbatch: patrick melrose

He seems very decent but I also think he doesn't suffer fools glady and he can be very sincere when he doesn't like something. The tidbits about how they had a very hard time not laughing while filming the "quaaludes kicking in scene" and the bit about BC rewriting part of a scene himself because of the research!

LOL Actually she received a "negative" one but on a DM and according to her it was about a very "embarrassing" kiss story from when he was at Uni not about him being nasty but she wouldn't share it because reasons So that's all the negative stuff she got: a secret embarrassing story from the mids!

Reply Quick Reply. He's thoughtful and generous and he's a good sport. They did a great job making those scenes feel real. She asked Twitter for negative real life stories about him so she could exhibit him and like a pre- anti-Me Too, she received multiple stories about how nice he is in real life! Posts: 4, Patrick Melrose - filming the drug scenes Sept 13, GMT roverpupsgevand 1 more like this. Some interesting tweets explaining how the drug scenes were filmed. I agree social media has a problem with it, especially with the whole QAnon business, and I really think those folks need to be shut down.

Someone straightforward asked her what he did to her for her to have that reaction and she just said that he ignored her! The horror! They just spoil it for the rest of us, add nothing of value and actually detract from those who are asking for help for the mentally ill.

So the consequences of allowing them the "freedom" unfettered access to spread their insanity is very dangerous when measured by any standard of society, I would think. Once Dan was told by a city editor who was new to our city to go interview a person known in our community as mentally ill about some wild accusation this person was making about "black ops invasions" by the Federal government in our county. He's very funny and self-effacing. Put that same wacko on Twitter or Facebook and got Donald Trump. Benedict Cumberbatch.

He wasn't professional not because he didn't attend his fans because he actually did it but because he didn't do it in the "correct" way If it's not posted on the gossip column, it didn't happened! Interesting questions QZ. And one to which there are a myriad of complicated issues impinging on the discussion. Professional autograph sellers could get very vegenful when they don't get what they want and BC has refused to for them a few times but most of the times people who were there "correct" them.

Melosyna How can you say this when you know what you know. Perhaps one should imagine if the German people were asked if they regretted allowing Hitler and the Nazis the freedom to express their ideology? She goes around twitter saying that exact same thing whenever someone praises him for being a mensch. Anyway, some time later he actually got the autograph and he basically posted on Twitter that BC was the best person ever and soooooo nice!

Then there are a few nasty "journalists". Here in the States so many people really believe that the left consists of baby killing cannibal pedophiles and that kind of shit along with all the other stupid crap they believeis bringing down the US! The whole thing is terrifying!

Patrick melrose - filming the drug scenes

Mentally unstable people, butthurt wanker trolls, intentionally frightening conspiracy theorists - all get an equal platform along with thoughtful, considerate and sincerely concerned citizenry. Patrick Melrose - filming the drug scenes. He is never actually rude but there are a few "that's rude" answers by him or him silently judging the interviewer with a killing stare and as you can see some journalists, especially gossip columnists, are very "delicate" and "sensitive" little flowers!

I know nothing whatsoever about drugs, but it sure looked believable to me! Or do you think that I somehow deserved it? The whole thread was very interesting. Do we take away their right to free speech just because they have issues separating reality from delusion?

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Does it not count to you what he did to me? Sounds like a real catch! What's the modern day equivalent of maliciously shouting "Fire! And it is VERY difficult sometimes to separate the wheat from the chaff. Nor can they influence hundreds of thousands or millions of others to take their insane ideas seriously. I agree to the ProBoards Terms of Service. MagdaFR Administrator Posts: 2, This is the downside of social media. Posts: 2, Thanks for posting these! An excellent book on newspaper propaganda's role in war is The First Casualty.

He refused and appealed to the managing editor and was backed up by him. Especially gossip columnists. Guest Name:. The guy was informed but then the goal changed. But he didn't know that he actually send someone to tell fans who were waiting for him that he would came out once the presentation ended and he did it.