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Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva legalized prostitution; therefore, the law must be seen as preserving the common good. Half of the women interviewed in Fortaleza saw themselves as business women selling sex to men who were easy to exploit.

The discussion

Three federal police officers, two civilian police officers, two legislative representatives, one member of the Senate of Ceara, three members of city council and eight non-governmental organizations were given one-on-one interviews. Thus I offer an alternative view of sexual tourism, suggesting that government officials actually support it because it helps to bring prosperity and economic wealth into an otherwise poor country. Child exploitation and human trafficking are used to prove the damage sexual tourism can bring to a country. Bad tourism attracts pedophiles, sexual predators and those in pursuit of prostitutes.

Between the years ofFortaleza moved in rank from 11 to 4 of principle cities visited by international tourists.

He explores international political economies involved in prostitution from sexual services provided during war to special districts set aside in border towns. This would need to be interpreted economically, as socially it seems to have a negative impact.

Most research written on sexual tourism embodies a negative, one-sided argument. There are no benefits and nothing good can come of it. The government officials I spoke with claimed the city did not keep statistics. After collecting data through a series of in-depth interviews, short surveys in both Brazil and Mexico, and analyzing existing statistics, I infer that government support of sexual tourism stems from the belief that it provides stimulus to the economy.

Groups continue to fight against child prostitution fiercely in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza, but adult prostitution is still legal. You can have as many as you want, two or three at a time if you feel like it.

We come over here to Mexican for the sole purpose to have a good time with liquor and women. If a college student engages in a sexual activity with another college student from a different university while both are in Cancun during Spring Break, is this considered sexual tourism? Opperman agrees in his article Sex tourism that the tourist-prostitute relationship is complicated and colorful. The beaches are unspoiled, the people are friendly, and the area required only a small amount of infrastructure development to create a haven for tourists.

Rational choice theory is used as a framework for explaining this government support. The men were mainly between the ages of 36 to 50 years old, traveling alone and married. Personal communication, April 13, You have all these beautiful women and drinks are pouring.

In andthe majority of international tourists in order were: Portuguese, Italian, Argentinean, American, Spanish and French. No country has a law against it, only if caught with a minor can someone be prosecuted.

These are the questions we should be focused on. They get paid and I get what I want. First-hand field observation and interviews took place in Fortaleza, Ceara Brazil between the months of September- DecemberJuly- August and July-August Observation and interviews were performed in local tourist hotspots and bars where sexual tourism was known to take place by city locals.

Women, homosexual men and children living in Brazil and Mexico compete in a male-dominated society. Statistics do not exist in the area.

Sexual tourism has recently become a hot topic in political science research. We see them on the beach. If a businessman meets a prostitute while in the city on a business trip, does he count as a sexual tourist? I argue here that it is rational for governments and government officials to support sexual tourism. The Mexican tour guide says he knows how you can make a quick buck. Most of the prostitutes interviewed in Fortaleza Brazil did not use prostitution as their sole means of income. Contacts were made during a study abroad in Brazil and personal truck-driving contacts on the border of Laredo, Texas.

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During the time frame of national tourists increased fromto 1, per year and international tourists increased from 40, totourists per year. Condemning prostitution was one of the stronger strings Brazil refused to cut. Why do the rich come looking to exploit the poor? Seeing the natural attractions of Fortaleza, Ceara was the one reason for tourists to visit, followed by business and visiting relatives and friends between Between money spent in bars and restaurants increased, as did money spent on entertainment and nightlife.

In the following analysis, while avoiding claims of sexual tourism being either good or bad, I examine the reasons a country might be supportive of such tourism, or at least not actively oppose it by making adult prostitution illegal. Sexual tourism involves travel across national or international borders in order to take part in a non-reproductive sexual encounter. Married woman looking sex Fortaleza gray area of law is not limited to Brazil, but is in fact prevalent in many countries around the world. The rational choice theory often used in the language of economics states that human beings are rational beings, and will choose their rationalized behavior by using a cost benefit analysis.

Prostitution is a blurred area. While not a formal part of this de, sexual tourism has been an integral part of this boom. One-minute videos were played on television and aboard international flights. In order to survive economically, nations and officials allow prostitution and sexual tourism to continue without prosecution. Non-governmental organizations, the Brazilian government, churches and international groups are abundant throughout the city of Fortaleza and in and were willing to try and fix the problem of child prostitution, however adult prostitution was still not criminalized.

I found little research relating directly to Brazil. Though no one would admit to me to being a sexual tourist in Brazil, American truck drivers on the Mexican border of Laredo, Texas spoke candidly. The Federal Police said this makes it impossible to prove who is and is not prostituting.

Of course, everything is split between the bar and the girls. Similar to adventure tourism in which a person travels to Africa solely for the purpose of participation in a safari, sexual tourism as defined by the research of this paper occurs when a man or woman travels to another locale, either foreign or within one's own country, for the sole purpose of sexual gratification with a local individual in exchange for money or goods.

Inposters and pamphlets were placed in airports in over twenty Brazilian cities by the World Tourism Organization to combat sexual tourism involving children and teenagers.

Why does the tourist come looking for sex with a slave when he could have a healthy sexual relationship with a companion? Again I do not tackle this normative question, but rather I try to understand why it continues to flourish if it is such a bad thing.

The majority worked as hairdressers, waitresses, in retail, or were University students. Everybody wins. In an increasingly globalized world, with the proliferation of the internet and growing access to international travel, sexual tourism is becoming more frequent. The sexual encounter may be with an adult or minor, man, woman, transsexual or transvestite. Examples are the services used by U. By bringing wealth to a suffering country, I am suggesting that support for sexual tourism is best understood through the lens rational choice theory. According to the Brazilian Ministry of Tourismsexual tourism le to child exploitation and human trafficking.

The tourist is not committing a crime. Bad tourism is influenced by the media and tourist agencies and portrays the northeast of Brazil as a hot, sensual and exotic place to visit where the women are promiscuous. The police cannot prosecute. Various members of the public were given interviews and questionnaires throughoutincluding but not limited to an occupational therapist, radio announcers, local and University librarians, documentary film artists, a Federal government lawyer, University students, aldermen staff, bar tenders, neurologist technicians, local school teachers, security guards and domestic workers.

So, why do people visit Brazil? Good tourism is the tourism that brings in conferences, family outings and tourists who want to experience the food and culture of the northeast of Brazil. The area becomes gray when defining who is involved in sexual tourism as Meaney and Rye explain in their article The Pursuit of Sexual Pleasure. The common theme of the articles portrays sexual tourism as harmful and villainous. This of course begs the question: If both non-governmental organizations and the Brazilian federal government blame sexual tourism for child exploitation and human trafficking, why is Married woman looking sex Fortaleza still legal?

Cities known for participation in sexual tourism range from Bangkok, Thailand to De Wallen, Amsterdam. Interviews and questionnaires were given to 30 prostitutes in the city of Fortaleza, Ceara Brazil through the Association of Prostitutes of Ceara.

They think the lovely, young Mexican girl sitting next to them is their girlfriend.

Rational theorists also explain that as a nation, the state is responsible for maintaining order and preserving the common good by enforcing fit laws. It must involve an exchange of money or material goods for a sexual act.