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Looking For A Southwest Fa Just Friends

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I just got off of a flight that left me wondering if I should continue to fly Southwest. I was on flight at from Dallas to Houston. The flight attendant covering the first 8 rows was clearly challenged to do her job.

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Southwest airlines case study questions and answers

Use of the Southwest websites and our Company Information constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions. All you need is a good team and a mistake proof schedule. Also eager to gain clearance and access to SWALife and learn the intricacies there, as I will commute to work as well.

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Discussion Forum and Stories. You shared a great "day in the life". Show only Search instead for. Out we go to the curb to catch the hotel shuttle, and we only have to wait a few minutes.

Thanks, James, for posting this! There's three days' worth of mail in my PO Box and laundry to be done, but that can wait til tomorrow. Customer Service FAQ. Save big on travel each week. After a quick change, we meet up again in the lobby, and the hotel van driver gives us a lift to the mall. It's the aircraft's first flight of the day, and it's clean as a whistle and ready to go.

The Captain briefs us for the flight, and before we know it the aircraft is pulling up to the gate As the passengers begin deplaning, Jill and I step onboard to help the inbound Crew tidy up. All of the information I read and learn just confirms what I already knew, that SW is the best airline in the industry. At dinner, we check out the Hard Rock Cafe. Gary A. James, Thank you for the run down. It is just about what I had hope for, and expected. Jack and Jill have sold liquor on their flights today, and they have cash and coupons to record and deposit.

I make it home around PM. It's been a long day. James, Thanks for the insight, any and all information helps. We tidy up the aircraft, complete our Crew change, and head into the terminal for a bit of "airport appreciation. After a quick bite, I put on my uniform I never commute in uniform because it's easier to stay looking crisp if I wait until it's time to actually work to suit up. I want to meet, learn, contribute and appreciate my co-workers. Did you mean:. We change Crews and head for the hotel.

Jill dashes off to catch her flight home, Jack he to the parking shuttle, and me? I meet my Crew, "Jack" and "Jill" not their real namesin the jetbridge. I figure the easiest way to do this is to describe a recent trip.

Privacy Policy. Turn on suggestions. Otherwise, register and in. Learning how my days will fit together has helped. Now that I'm listed for the flight, I make the last preparations for tomorrow. I too am going to be ing the ranks. I am ready to the fun and experience the SW family spirit. SWA is the best.

It's almost 10PM eastern, and I'm asleep before my head hits the pillow. Two and half days, nine legs, four states, and countless peanuts later we are back in BWI at PM local time. Not applicable. Like Steve S. Dinner is good, and we all get to know each other a bit over the meal. I make a few phone calls, check my e-mail, watch a little TV, and it's time for bed.

It's Sunday night and tomorrow, I have a trip. I've got about two hours before my own flight to home checks in. I am fortunate to be a trainee. Thank you again, James.

We arrive in BWI right on time at 9AM and head for the Crew lounge, where I check in for duty by computer and print out a copy of my trip so I know where I'm going and when for the next three days. Jill has a three-year-old daughter, and her husband is an attorney. He gets barbecue another mmmmmmmm. We perform our various pre-flight duties, board up, and off we go. All Rights Reserved.

Sacramento woman facing charge of battery causing serious bodily injury after alleged incident onboard southwest airlines flight

Tags: SWALife. Indicates external site which may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search by suggesting possible matches as you type. I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you what it is like to be a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant. Once at the hotel, Jack s us in; we decide on a time to head back to the airport tomorrow; and we're done for the night. I change out of my uniform and find a quiet spot in the terminal to relax. It's raining in PHX this morning, and traffic is delayed. We're only 20 minutes late, which isn't bad considering we left PHX over an hour late.

So, no doubt you know why I am so pumped. Since I don't have to be at the gate until PM, I've got time for a nap and lunch. I'm a commuter so my first order of business is getting to work. Jill wants to check out a shopping center she heard about and asks us to come along. Now, I get to start training the end of this month in Dallas. Serge - yeah But we do have the best TEAM in the industry! By the time we find, purchase, and eat our dinner, it's time to report for our flight to LAX. After a quick Crew change, we're boarded and off for California.

The way you relate your time 'on the road' makes it sound like musicians or actors on tour. We like to stop in AUS because the airport has excellent food, and we nominate Jack to make a food run while Jill and I tidy up and board the aircraft. Once I get to my room I grab a quick shower, iron tomorrow's uniform, and it's off to bed. We go our separate ways with plans to meet up in a couple of hours for dinner.

up. You guys are great; the team I want to. Fortunately, there's a Starbuck's in the hotel lobby Today looks pretty easy on paper--only four legs, and they are all relatively short. I have been a SW customer for 20 years and alot of flights.

Steve S. James, Thanks for the great write up. We complete one last Crew change, and we're done.

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My trip sheet also lists the name and phone s of the hotels where I'll be staying. If you've already registered, in.

We arrive at the gate 30 minutes prior to departure. It's day three of a three-day, and we're looking forward to going home at the end of the day. We call the shuttle for a lift back to the hotel, confirm tomorrow's lobby time, and head off to our rooms. I'm flying C position we have three positions, A, B, and C, at Southwest so I also need to check the presence and operation of all the emergency equipment, and Jack stays in the jetbridge and watches the luggage. I am flat excited to start studying, learning and training. You must be a registered user to add a comment.

I am really pumped up just now. Jack is working on his real estate and plans to sell commercial property on the side. Even though the flight is full, the next thing I know, we're descending for PHX. Five hours went by faster than I thought.