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Looking for 420 friendly girl fun woman found friend for strangets

We all thought the day would never come. If you enjoy partaking in cannabis, your next domestic adventure should include some greens. Individual laws vary state by state, but within our picks for best cities in which to smoke up, there is at least some degree of legality in consuming.

Looking For 420 Friendly Girl Fun

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Top definition. This is a way to express the acceptance of smoking pot or accepting somone who does so, without overtly mentioning pot or marijuana. You may find the phrase friendly often in personalespecially on Craig's List. It refers to the term which has become lingo smoking pot. See the definition of " originated at San Rafael High School, inamong a group of about a dozen pot-smoking wiseacres who called themselves the Waldos ".

Name: Dannie
What is my age: 42

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But, is that really what you want? So, keep that in mind when playing on Tinder.

If a dude asks you how tall you are, then stop messaging them back, ignore their Facebook friend request, block all incoming calls. The only reason you should mention Monday in your Tinder profile is if you think it is the best day of the week.

She is the subject of racist depiction on all counts, and her relationship with Captain John Smith is derivative at best. However, if you are on Tinder to try and fall in love, then you are doing it wrong.

This is NYC so people have eccentric interests. Which, in that case, means you are certifiably insane, but still better than saying you hate Monday. Well, consequences may not be the best word, but you know what we mean. Everyone hates Monday. Tall girls hate short dudes.

Marijuana strains

Anyway, most dudes that use Tinder just swipe right to every girl until they run out of likes and then sort through the matches afterward. Actually, forget what we said before. Short girls hate short dudes. We see this all the time on Tinder.

Portland strain of choice: sour jack

Tinder is a land of purely visceral interactions and it should remain that way. Anyway, moral of the story, if you want to use Tinder to get laid then you need a profile picture.

Dudes asking girls how tall they are must be the most insecure bozos on the planet. But weed should never be involved in your first impression, and Tinder is a game of first impressions. If you want to blast your love for weed all over your Tinder profile, then go for it. A dude who only likes you because he thinks you might look like a cartoon princess?

Portland strain of choice: super lemon haze

There are probably a lot of dudes who will right swipe a picture of Arielle just on the off chance that the girl looks like Arielle. Well, you all are the reason for dudes like Napoleon trying to take over the world. Of course, there are people who have started legitimate relationships from Tinder. However, those relationships are almost exclusively the consequences of hooking up.

Girls putting their height into their Tinder profile. We almost chose Pocahontas instead of Arielle, but Pocahontas is by and large the worst cartoon princess. First things first, if a dude asks you how tall you are, then he is a buffoon.

This move is straight up crazy. Everybody hates short dudes.

Privacy Policy Terms of Service. This is actually a pretty standard life move. The only reason that a girl should do this is because she just wants to play Tinder for fun and not get any matches. The laws of statistics make that possible. Well, that might not be true.

Tinder is a pretty crazy social phenomenon. We're not saying that you should all start dating short guys or change the world or anything, but throw them a right swipe every once in a while for the sake of society. This move actually probably works pretty well for girls.

If you are meeting a drug dealer, then weed should definitely be involved in your first impression. People from every country in the world, every walk of life, hates Monday. This is a pretty standard Tinder move.