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I would Erotic watersport dating seeking woman that wants fantage

Last night news trickled in of an unconfirmed report accusing president-elect Donald Trump of indulging in what the security services call a 'perversion' — paying women to urinate on a hotel bed Obama had slept in while in Russia. Although Trump denied itthe story has got people talking and joking about watersports, and as a dabbler I felt compelled to offer an insight into this kink — why do people like it?

Erotic Watersport Dating

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Different people can have different reasons for choosing to engage in some form of play. On the most basic level, water sports refers to a form of erotic or BDSM play that involves urine. While there are forms of medical play and diaper play that can incorporate urine, those are a bit beyond the scope of this post.

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‘water sports’ stories

Before you go balls-to-the-wall or ahem, the toiletRiley suggests talking about sexual fetishesin general. Search AskMen Search.

Fetish sex Kinky Sex. Sexual Experiences. Golden showers, aka "water sports" are a sexual desire that more people experience that you might realize.

Everything you need to know about golden showers

There's no wrong or right reason to engage in it. AskMen on Facebook. The experts offer some insight on what it could be a fun - and yes, unique - flavor to add to their sexual routine. Notifications You have no notifications.

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Except instead of swirling down the drain, the sexual fetish includes performing that act on someone else or having them perform it on you. AskMen on Twitter. AskMen on Flipboard.

The fetish for them is called "urolagnia," meaning "lust for urine. Getting more involved in the kink and fetish scenes in your city might also be a great way to build community with other people who share your fetishes.

From what a golden shower really is to how to talk to your partner about it, the sex experts give their best scoop:. AskMen on Google News.

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Most people and hey, we might argue all people at some point have peed while taking a shower, either at their home or while on vacation. While it might appear to be a seemingly new sexual activity, being turned on by bodily fluids is a relatively common desire, according to the experts. All Rights Reserved.

Water sports yes that means pissing on you

Nikki Martinez explains. But it also is full of bacteria, making this particular fetish a curious case for health. Peeing on the one you love can be seen as marking your territory. Messages You have no messages.

But what works in your favor? Lindsay Tigar. Show comments. Grooming Fragrances Hair Shaving Skin.